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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ultrasone's headphone technologies

Sometime ago I started a post at regarding what Ultrasone claimed upon their headphone technologies:
It's still an ongoing discussion, and I am waiting for someone professional who can verify all the electromagnetism related mumbo-jumbos Ultrasone has claimed.


  1. I've read only the thread on The fun thing about this topic is that:
    1. Ultrasone claims that flux density of altering electromagnetic field of headphones is 1000 nanotesla...
    2. and we can find, that electromagnetic fields in typical home environments are in the range of 1-5 mT that is 1000 times more (see here Haha. These "home" electromagnetic fields are real radiation.
    3. The changing electromagnetic field of headphones is not a wave/radiation, but it exists.
    4. Amplifiers have a maximum frequency of some of its elements (192000 Hz, for example). If headphones could radiate as an antenna, the maximum frequency of headphones radiation would be exactly this frequency (because any antenna can radiate only at frequencies of it's RLC circuits). The waves of this frequency does not damage the cells (no ionization or molecular damage), they can only heat outer ear (such as microwaves).

    1. Oh LOL Ultrasone... Thnx for the input, asko!