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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NuForce Primo 8: Aesthetics


Since its establishment in 2005, NuForce of USA has been building a great reputation as an audiophile equipment manufacturer by offering a wide range of products, from a high-end Class-D amplifier to a small portable speaker. And in March of 2014, order to accommodate the specific needs of the audiophiles who rather prefer portability, the Californian company finally launches its first multi-balanced armature transducer driven IEM, Primo 8.

Not to mention its quad-driver configuration, according to the manufacturer, Primo 8 comes with two key innovations: A special patent-pending cross-over network design, which offers phase coherence throughout the frequency spectrum, and a multi-layered star shaped Litz cable joined with a MMCX connector.

NuForce Primo 8: The firstborn

Disclaimer: Data presented here have been acquired with a pair of stock silicone sleeves inserted at 3mm away from the reference plane of the occluded ear simulator, unless stated otherwise.

Primo 8 is the very first quad-driver in ear monitor from an American audio manufacturer, NuForce. While NuForce's technological expertise have been verified repeatedly with their high quality Class-D amplifiers, their reputation as a headphone/IEM company still seems to be quite equivocal to enthuasists. Consequently, this first born child shall serve as a showcase of what the manufacturer is capable of.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Creative Aurvana Live! 2: Aesthetics


As a successor of Aurvana Live!, which has been known for its great value, Creative introduce Aurvana Live! 2 in late 2013.

Creative Aurvana Live! 2: General analysis

Previously, Creative Aurvana Live! has shown its strength in high cost-performance ratio, thanks to the pair of unique bio-cellulose drivers manufactured by Foster of Japan. Despite its high level of distortion, Live!'s frequency response turns out to be very linear, surpassing most of its competitors at higher price range.

And in 2013, its successor, Aurvana Live! 2 makes its debut, featuring a slightly higher sensitivity (+2dB/mW) than the original.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The effect of break-in: Creative Aurvana Live! 2

Disclaimer: Most of the graphs listed here are animated GIF images.


It is generally known that a new pair of headphones must go through a "warming up(aka break-in)" phase for a certain period of time before it opens up its true sonic potential. Previously, both electroacoustic and psychoacoustic aspects of a 100 hours-long headphone break-in have been presented with SONY MDR-EX1000(electrodynamic microtransducer), Sennheiser HD650(Full-sized electrodynamic), Fostex T50RP(isodynamic), and VSonic VC02(smallest microtransducer) The physical transformation is evident in all cases, yet its degree is not of a night and day difference, as audiophiles normally describe it.