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Thursday, March 29, 2012

regarding language-dependent sibilants

Some headphones do have annoying shrill in their sound, whenever a vocalist pronounce sibilants. This tends to happen a lot with Sony earphones with off-axis drivers, such as MDR-EX700 and MDR-EX1000, whose resonant frequencies (f0) are located at ~6 kHz.

In English:

In Korean:

사-SA: 7432.82 Hz
시-SI:  5688.29 Hz
싸-SSA: 7902.32 Hz
씨-SSI:  5934.91 Hz

자-CA:  5772.72 Hz
지-CHI: 5860.43 Hz
차-CHA: 5940.00 Hz
치-CHI:  5911.85 Hz
짜-CCA: 5945.14 Hz
찌-CCI:  5957.04 Hz

In Japanese and French:

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