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Thursday, August 23, 2012

AKG K3003 part1: Aesthetics


Aside from the fact that K3003 is AKG's very first balanced armature driven IEM, what else is K3003?

First, K3003 is a trailblazer; It is very first multiple transducer driven IEM without any added passive crossover network implemented.

Second, K3003 is a hybrid; While the mid-high frequency drivers are BA types, the woofer is a dynamic transducer.

Third, K3003 is a masterpiece; All of the non-electroacoustic parts are hand-crafted, and hand-assembled. Its degree of aestheticity in craftmanship is unparalleled.


And the rest

Took quite long to take these pictures with my old Canon 300D.
Cut the crap- the pics speak for themselves.
No, AKG is not paying me for doing this, LOL 
And no, this unit is not mine!

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