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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Monoprice 8320: A preliminary analysis

This IEM is owned by my dear friend, Inks. I should thank him for all the hard works.

This is the original Monoprice 8320. Unfortunately, as its right channel unit turns out to be defect, the status of this analysis shall remain preliminary until a normal working sample is obtained.

PRO: Just like 9927, Monoprice 8320 is also one of the most wondrous budget-fi IEMs in the market for its incredible value. It is quite unfortunate the right channel is defect.

CON: The frequency response bandwidth is shorter than that of 9927. Moreover, resonant peaks are more emphasized than 9927.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #1: Except with the frequency response characteristic, 8320 is almost identical to 9927. Please refer to the 9927 analysis for further details on practical variables.


  1. Don't you have any plan to add graph about Westone yellow foam sleeves for "The Effect of Ear Sleeves: Etymotic Research ER-4B" ?

  2. Nice job on the measurement.Shouldn't be a difference in FR though between them. Only the color has changed in the 9927 and the 8320.

    1. The driver is same, but their internal designs are different from each other.