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Monday, April 22, 2013

The effect of ear sleeves: TDK IE800

Disclaimer: Measurement has been carried out at the reference plane.

TDK IE800 exhibits a good amount of harshness in the treble. No matter how the fit is changed, the harshness is always present. Upon assessing the acoustic effect of various types ear sleeves, the optimum setting for IE800 shall be discovered.

TDK IE800 equipped with various ear sleeves:
Silicone sleeves


Foam sleeves:


  1. Based on these data, which tips are the best?

    1. I'd recommend something close to either Sony Hybrids, or MEElec large triflanges.

  2. What about Big biflange Hifiman's? Seems to tame a little bit lower highs at 4-5khz and just to be more linear and accurate than triple flange (max.frequencies >10khz doesn't reach 18khz
    Great comparison, well done.
    I did some comparison by myself a year ago on most tips on RE272 (fanstastic transparent and quite good linear IEM) and found that the best ones are...guess - Hifimans big bi flange (old clear revision, the newest is black but those are the same) and Meelec triple flange (L size). The latest even more because of deeper seal soundstage was higher and better dynamics.
    But that's not for shallow insertion.
    So Hifiman's ones will work perfectly, the best among all on these I guess...?

    1. If you have a huge ear canal that can accommodate such size, then it would likely be the right assertion.

    2. Not huge but bigger than usual (thanks to my dady ^^) Big bi flanges just works perfectly for me. Moreover even L-sized triple flange is more prone to disconnect with my ear when sweaty after time ;)
      Should definitely try it out, so, when I bought a pair :)
      Thanks for your great work

    3. No problem, Rafal. the large biflanges are way too big, not to mention the fact that TDK IE800 itself is too big for my ear to begin with :D