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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A lil' twt wit Heir Audio

For future reference. A lil twt with these God-forsaken Neanderthals, who still bang their heads against a tree stump.

No, I am not entering the market you cretins, LOL!


  1. A Graph is not the only thing they do not understand...
    BUT, They fully understand that a lil turd polish goes a long way. Hence, all the so-called satisfied customers.
    And, as Barnum Bailey once said... There is a Heir Customer born every minute. At least that's what I think he said.
    We all hear differently though. Take my own offspring for example: They hear with there eyes, and with the opinions of there friends.
    Beats Headphones and Heir Audio Iems 4EVA!!!

    God Bless Us Everyone!!!

    LOLz, Jim

    1. "Beats Headphones and Heir Audio Iems 4EVA"

      LMAOO Words of wisdom, Jim. Words of wisdom.

  2. Lol. I want to hear Heir Audio iems now. You made me really curious Rin.

    1. Sup, Victor. They sound amazing, almost as good as Beats by Dre! (Huh?)

    2. God! That must be amazing! I thought beats were the best! I guess beats are dethroned now.

    3. Oh you have no idea! LMAOOOOOOO