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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sony MDR-CD950

MDR-R10, also known as the king of headphones to SONY enthusiasts, debuts in 1988. And the economic downgraded version, MDR-CD3000, follows right after along with other introductory models. These are known as the first generation CD series.

Starting from CD1000, which has a pair of bio-cellulose drivers within, the introductory models of the first generation CD-series have very similar sound signature from one another. And CD950 is no exception. While its appearance is almost identical to CD1000(except with its ear cushion material), an amorphous diamond-absorpt diaphragm is implemented instead.

PRO: Linear frequency response characteristic from the mid to treble & extremely wide sweet-spot due to the large driver; there is virtually no placement-induced frequency response variation.

CON: Lack of bass & high distortion.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #1: Sony MDR-CD950's frequency response is nowhere close to the reference target suggested by Harman International.

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