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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NuForce Primo 8: Aesthetics


Since its establishment in 2005, NuForce of USA has been building a great reputation as an audiophile equipment manufacturer by offering a wide range of products, from a high-end Class-D amplifier to a small portable speaker. And in March of 2014, order to accommodate the specific needs of the audiophiles who rather prefer portability, the Californian company finally launches its first multi-balanced armature transducer driven IEM, Primo 8.

Not to mention its quad-driver configuration, according to the manufacturer, Primo 8 comes with two key innovations: A special patent-pending cross-over network design, which offers phase coherence throughout the frequency spectrum, and a multi-layered star shaped Litz cable joined with a MMCX connector.


Primo 8 comes with a good amount of accessories, including a carrying case, an airplane adapter, a 1/4' plug, and ear sleeves with different sizes.

The Unit

Aesthetics wise, there really isn't a room to complain. Although the MMCX connection should come very handy for audio cable enthusiasts, I still do feel like the joint could have been little tighter to prevent durability issue, which is a common problem for these particular connectors.

Continued to General analysis


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