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Saturday, July 20, 2013

HiFiMAN RE-600 Part.1: Aesthetics


HiFiMAN, which is Head-Direct's own brand, is well-known for manufacturing IEMs with solid electroacoustic performance. And this has proven to be true every time their IEMs are analyzed here. The recent model, RE-400, is somewhat of a disappointment to me personally, but the sound itself is fine nonetheless. Thus, several weeks ago, I asked the representative of HiFiMAN for a demo sample of this new product. However, it seems the request has never reached to the founder, Dr. Fang Bian. Perhaps there was a communication error between the reps? I am not sure.. So, as always, one of my good contributors, James, hooked me up with a brand-new pair. I can't believe it.. Thanks again, James!


The packaging reminds me a briefcase made of faux leather: Quite impressive. A carrying case was included, and it left a physical impression on the leatherette due to the reseller's poor packaging job.

The unit

Aesthetics wise, there is absolutely no complaint at all. The look of RE-600 is sleek & sexy, and its small form factor makes the IEM highly portable.

Balanced driven

Just like its predecessors, RE-262/272, RE-600 also comes with a 4-pole 1/8" connector, which can be utilized in conjunction with a differential-operating power amplifier.

Continued to Part.2, General analysis

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