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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The effect of ear sleeves: TDK BA200

Disclaimer: Measurement has been carried out at the reference plane.

Thanks to its high acoustic output impedance, TDK BA200 is very susceptible to bore resonance induced acoustic interaction. Upon assessing the acoustic effect of various types ear sleeves, the optimum setting for BA200 shall be discovered.

TDK BA200 equipped with thin-calibered sleeves:
Silicone sleeves

Foam sleeves

TDK BA200 equipped with thick-calibered sleeves:

Silicone sleeves


Foam sleeves:


  1. Hey Rin can you make a conclusion from all of these measurements?

    Which are better than others?

    Clearly i can vote for the westone star green. Others? thanks

  2. Yeah I'd appreciate if you could conclude with what you liked best as well.

    1. Please refer to Inks' assesment on this:

      Based on his hands-on experience, he does this much better than I possibly can..