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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

LEAR BD4.2: Aesthetics


Founded in 2008, LEAR is relatively a newcomer as an in-ear monitor manufacturer. Their company history is quite unique, because LEAR brand itself is from the mainland China, but is also fully owned & operated by an audio retailer called Forever Source Digital based in Hong Kong. According to the official statement, the company is devoted to creating great aural experience through heavy R&D while offering reasonable price.

And BD4.2 is the ultimate result of their continuous effort, featuring quad balanced armature drivers and dual dynamic transducers coupled in a three-way crossover network, along with its metallic acoustic tubing, quad bore configuration, and an adjustable bass control. I guarantee you: There is absolutely no in-ear monitor quite like this one.


This particular unit is the universal version, LUF-BD4.2 The packaging itself is quite simple, and comes with three pairs of bright(single) sleeves,  two pairs of bass(soft foam) sleeves, a pair of reference(tri-flange) sleeves, a pair of balanced(bi-flange) sleeves, and a pair of neutral(hard foam) sleeves. The stock carrying case is so sturdy; it comes extremely handy while on the go. There is also a screw driver used to control the bass control, a shirt clip, and a dust brush.

The Unit

The beauty of BD4.2 comes from its deadly, alive, raw, yet mystical look. Due to the sheer number of components bound together within the unit, the IEM looks like a creature that might have came from the deep sea, where a googly-eyed glass squid, or a crocodile icefish, which shows its internal organs through a transparent body, roams freely in total darkness, searching for food or perhaps a glimpse of light. Its intensively bold appearance shall gather attention from whomever sees it without asking his/her consent!

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