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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NVX EX10S: Not an average substitute

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It has been nearly a year since NVX introduce EX10S to the market. Although it has made its debut within the audiophile community already, not much is really known about its sound quality and true potential.

Besides, it is notable that EX10S shares many technical similarities with Vsonic GR07 mkII, which is one of my most favorite dynamic IEMs of all time. GR07 mkII is well-known for its great sound quality, inverted polarity, unique pivoting nozzle design, and usage of a flexible silver cable. If EX10S's sound quality turns out to be as good as that of GR07 mkII, the IEM shall be a great deal for the price.

PRO: Low distortion & good channel matching

CON: The absolute polarity is inverted.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #1: As expected, the difference between EX10S and GR07 mkII is very subtle. There's slight deviation in the treble, but it doesn't even exceed more than 6 dB. In addition, even the treble extension is identical. Considering the price difference between the two, EX10S has an incredible value.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #2: Just like GR07 mkII, unless inserted very shallow, EX10S retains linearity in the treble.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #3: While a piece of cloth may be inserted between the ear sleeve and the nozzle for acoustic damping, a piece of foam can be inserted into the nozzle as well, after removing the metal mesh.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #4: Acoustic vents on EX10S work just like those on GR07 mkII. Once the vents are blocked, the sub-bass gets either boosted, or attenuated.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #5: EX10S may obtain better linearity in the upper end with the help of stock sleeves that come with T-PEOS H-100.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #6: Equip a pair of H-100 sleeves, and create a pinhole on each vents after completely sealing them off with a masking tape. The tonal balance is little dark, but the treble extends all the way up to 20 kHz.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #7: EX10S is quite off in the mid-range, when it is compensated with Dr. Olive's reference target.

IN CONCLUSION: As a new comer, NVX has made a kick off quite soundly. As such, EX10S is nearly half the price of GR07 mkII, but the sound quality is equivalent. If anybody, who likes the sound of Vsonic, is low on budget, I'd recommend NVX EX10S over anything, period.

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  1. Run what sounds more like the artist intended Diffuse, Olive-Welti, or In room?

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