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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NVX XPT100: Aesthetics


Found in 2011 in Sherman Oaks, California, NVX is relatively a new player in the market. According to the website, the company's primary goal is to maintain high product quality through technical innovation while educating consumers with essential facts. While NVX still remains largely unknown as a headphone manufacturer, as long as they stay true to their philosophy, a commercial success is inevitable.


Who says a good thing comes in small packages? XPT100 is bundled with a huge carrying case, 2 pairs of ComfortMax™ ear pads(standard + angled), and two detachable cables. Since most of "well-known" headphone manufacturers tend to reduce the number of bundled accessories in the product package to save production cost in these days, NVX's approach is the most welcomed.

Housing design

The headphone is built to last. While the housing is rock-solid, there is absolutely no joint that makes a squeaking sound, crying for better built quality. Moreover, all of the parts can easily be disassembled and put back together within a minute, except the headband's foam part. In addition, there are two acoustic vents at the sides of the housing, which opens up a chance for modification.

Ear pads

This is perhaps the most intriguing feature of XPT100. Not only the headphone comes with a pair of standard leatherette ear pads, it is also bundled with one pair of thick angled ear pads, just like those of Audeze LCD-2. These particular ear pads tilt the overall angle of the housing, and change sound radiation pattern, so that the sound wave is transmitted directly to the users' pinna in parallel. Since a good fit is crucial for studio monitoring, more fitting(ear pads, ear sleeves, etc) options are always better, period.

Fitting mechanism

The size of the headband can be adjusted in nine steps with a tactile snap at each positions.

Detachable cable(s)

On top of two pairs of ear pads, the headphone also comes with two detachable cables in two different lengths(1.5 m & 3.0 m).

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