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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Etymotic Research MC5

I bought this headphone from Amazon during the Black Friday special sale, for $46.99. The sale only lasted for a couple of hours due to the limited availability. Was it worth my money & the anticipation?

PRO: IMHO, the best bang for the buck. For this price range, you can never get a headphone with this accuracy. (The helmholtz resonator equalization is brilliant!) Moreover, the distortion figure is beautiful- it is almost non-existent.

CON: MC5's frequency response bandwidth is quite limited, compared to Etymotic's reference model, ER4. Still, the headphone performs much better than other dynamic driver-equipped IEMs!

ON SECOND THOUGHT: There is a way to extend the frequency response bandwidth, by using different ear sleeves. Changing the quarter-wavelength resonant property by modifying the length & diameter of the bore will effectively shift & distribute peaks evenly- Here is the detail.

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  1. Interested in which tips will open up and even out the treble. Im going to assume a wide bore opening will be best, but it also has to insert deeply. Issue is, wider bore tips are usually made for thicker nozzles so having something like the Monster nozzle adapters will be of great help.