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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Originally I really wanted to write a review on MDR-EX90, but regrettably, the pair got broken long time ago. This headphone, SONY MDR-EX85, came with SONY NWZ-S649f, and share the core design philosophy of EX90, of which SONY filed a patent in 2006.

PRO: Light-weighted. The tonal quality is far from accurate, but somehow I find it comforting.

CON: MDR-EX85 has a resonance in the sibilant-sensitive frequency range, although its degree is far less compared to that of EX700 or EX1000. Quite typical of the off-axis type headphone.

ON SECOND THOUGHT: Since its form factor is quite bulky, it is almost impossible to achieve a deep-insertion with MDR-EX85. Channel matching is quite off, possibly due to how wildly it's been used.


  1. concerning this earphone, I remember the version of it that came with my A720 walkman as one of the best earphones I have ever heard. When however, I bought a stand alone version, the sound quality was muffled and terrible. Any idea why?

    1. The answer is simple: I bought a stand-alone version as well few years ago from Amazon, which turned out to be a FAKE. LMAO