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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The effect of ear sleeves: SONY MDR-EX1000

Previously, I talked about dynamic transducers having low acoustic output impedance. However, for some reason Etymotic Research MC5 had higher acoustic output impedance, hence its output sound pressure was more or less sensitive to the input load compared to that of ER-4B, the IEM with high acoustic output impedance.

Then how about SONY MDR-EX1000? Its diaphragm is made out of a liquid crystal polymer, which means more resilience than a regular PET film.

1. As expected, even with different bore sizes, the frequency response of MDR-EX1000 does not change much.
2. Even the foam sleeves do not lose any low-end responses with MDR-EX1000.
3. The end-correction(the horn-effect) of Comply T-500 takes its toll in the treble.
4. The end-correction(the reverse horn-effect) of Etymotic Research ER38-18 completely changes the tonal quality of MDR-EX1000.

1. With SONY MDR-EX1000, as long as an air-tight deep insertion is not compromised, feel free to use any type of ear sleeves. Just try to avoid those which do not fit.

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