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Friday, January 4, 2013


HiFiMAN RE-ZERO is a limited version of RE-0. Compared to the original, RE-ZERO comes with a silver voicecoil and 16-Ohm impedance value. It can be balanced-driven as well.

PRO: Overall very linear. Distortion-free. Due to its linear impedance characteristic, it is almost impossible to alter the sound of RE-0 electrically.

CON: Slightly more peaky than the original version. The residual resonance at 2 kHz may or may not be of a problem, depending on how users take it.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #1: Just like the original version, RE-ZERO is also enginneered to be shallow-inserted. Once it is inserted too deep(at the reference plane) or too shallow(just blocking the ear canal), the response above 10 kHz loses its linearity.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #2: The effect of acoustic damping of RE-ZERO is same as the original. Refer to RE-0.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #3: Stock single sleeves yield the most linear response.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #4: Just like the original version, the left vent works as a depressurizer, while the other one works as an equalizer.

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