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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ultimate Ears UE700 rev.1

This UE700 is made before Logitech revised it to rev.2.

PRO: Well-extended low frequency decay. Reverberant characteristic is appropriate, resembling that of a RRF room condition until 6~7 ms.

CON: Slight channel mismatch in the lower frequency, inverted polarity. The high frequency peak can be bothersome to some users.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #1: UE700 rev.1 is designed to be inserted slightly shallow. The deeper the insertion depth, the less emphasis on the peak. Fortunately, the form factor of UE700 rev.1 is extremely small.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #2: As expected with Knowles TWFK driver, UE700 rev.1 can become a lot more linear with the help of a serial resistance. A 33-Ohm resistor will do the trick, but higher value further tames the peak.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #3: This is the flattest TWFK-equipped IEM I've measured, on par with UE900 modified. I hope I could get a hold on to a pair, so that I can do some modification!


  1. Very interesting blog :) Subscribed :D

  2. Great information thanks! I have a pair of rev 1 where the jack broke. Sending it in to reshell, adding also a 9mm UE Woofer to adjust for the lack of lows on these headphones. Crossing my figures for epic results haha