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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sony MDR-XB700

Disclaimer: At last, the loan Danganronpa has generously provided is now completed. I sincerely send my gratitude to him.

According to the designer of XB series, 松尾伴大-san, this first generation of XB-series (XB300 to XB1000) is specifically tuned for club-goers, who are frequently exposed to fast-paced bassy dance music. In order to accommodate their musical taste, 松尾-san prudently shapes the frequency response to be heavily bass-oriented, while keeping the transient characterstic as quick as possible.

This has been realized by utilizing a pair of huge closed-air ear pads, which effectively eliminates acoustic leak from its source, thus preserving the sub-bass response largely intact.

PRO: The quality of bass is quite nice. Due to the large driver size of ∅50 mm, the degree of placement-induced amplitude variation, which turns out to be quite troublesome with certain headphones, is much less than expected.

CON: Treble is slightly sibiliant.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #1: There are three acoustic vents on the rear part of the housing, and sealing two of them yields much flatter bass than the stock. A foam pad applied on the front baffle of the driver will tilt the overall spectral balance slightly downwards.

ON SECOND THOUGHT #2: Adding thick foam pads + blocking two of the rear vents will bring the frequency response of XB700 closer to the headphone reference target of Harman International. The peaks in the treble shall disappear once the driver is placed at the rear portion of the pinna.

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