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Sunday, August 11, 2013

XTZ EarPhone-12 Part 1: Aesthetics


EarPhone-12 is the very first IEM made by XTZ, an audio equipment manufacturer originated from Sweden. As their philosophy aims for a high price per performance ratio, the IEM shall reflect their value as well.


There really isn't anything to talk about EarPhone-12's packaging, as XTZ simply cut all the crap and get to the point right away. Since this cost-effectiveness oriented packaging contributes to the reduction of manufacturing cost, thus its final price, such practice shall be highly respected.

The unit

EarPhone-12's housing is built to last: It is made of steel with a glossy finish. Since the unit is made of a metal, the magnets inside of the housing tend to bond to each other, making the whole IEM very portable due to less clinging.

Continued to Part.2, General analysis


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  2. Rin
    Sorry, I could have sworn I saw that on the Dirac website. Now I can't find it. My bad.

    1. Don't worry, Seth. You must mean this page:

      Yes, sometimes companies do that to promote their products. There's nothing wrong there, but it is nonetheless a tricky business I'd say.

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