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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sennheiser PX100

Disclaimer: This is one of the loan units Rick has generously provided for me. I'll get to the IEMs once I am completely done with headphones first. Measurement was little tricky to carry out, as the stock earpads were continuously being disintegrated due to aging. I did my best not to worsen its current condition.

PX100 is Sennheiser's classic supra-aural headphone. Although the model itself has been revised as PX100-II, and is not manufactured anymore, it is still considered as one of the best sounding portable headphones ever produced.

PRO: As expected, PX100 exhibits Sennheiser's signature sound, which is a negatively sloped diffuse-field target. On top of that, high frequency extension is superbly wide.

CON: A sharp deep-null at 4 kHz & Enormous amount of distortion in the low-frequency range due to its open-air/open-back design(radiation impedance).

ON SECOND THOUGHT #1: As an affordable supra-aural headphone with open-air/open-back design, Sennheiser PX100's electroacoustic performance is quite impressive. The bass extension & mid-range linearity may further improve though, once a new pair of ear pads are equipped.


  1. I used to really enjoy monitoring through these while playing bass guitar. Not surprising the measurement shows a response that looks exactly like a sweet EQ a producer would apply.

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  3. You mention a "A sharp deep-null at 4 kHz" but I cannot find it in the measurement. I can only see a big dip at 3kHz. Can you please help and point me to it?